• Proactive Healthcare

    Those who need help are often the last to seek it.


    The Touchkin mobile platform uses passive sensor data from your patient's phone to track changes in behaviour that indicate ill-health.


    We are currently running pilots for elder care and mental health with partner organisations.

    StayClose  for Families

    Do you care for a loved one, while being away?


    The StayClose app can give you a sense of how they are. It turns their phone into an window into their wellbeing.


    It also shows them how you are. Because they care for you too.

  • What we do

    There are 2 billion smartphones in the world today. The phone is with us constantly, mirroring our daily life. It can spot changes in our behaviour that can indicate illness or depression, creating an early warning system that requires no new hardware or change in behaviour. Touchkin uses mobile-based social sensing to enable proactive personalised care - bringing help to those who need it, from care experts or families.


    Passive Data

    The consumer app (StayClose) periodically picks up sensor data from the phone to model mobility, activity, sleep, and social interactions.


    StayClose Family Care

    Families care for each other non-intrusively, seeing how their loved ones are, and get notified if their activity levels change unexpectedly.


    Predictive Engine 

    Touchkin's proprietary prediction engine learns patterns in behaviour that may mean mental or physical ill-health, and connects the user with direct support.


    Care Provider Alerts

    Care providers can offer proactive personalised care to at-risk patients with chronic, age-related or mental illnesses to enable early identification of symptoms.

  • Healthcare Innovation : Your phone can sense how you are.

    We're excited to be featured on CNBC Awaaz - India's No.1 Business Channel for our work on innovation in proactive healthcare.

  • Stats & Figures

    We're all about the data...so here are some numbers about our work.

  • 15m+

    Sensing events


    Behavior hours tracked


    Pilot users


    Funding raised


    User interactions


    Team members

  • Touchkin Blog

    Updates on our journey and what we find interesting along the way.

  • Team Touchkin

    We are a small team with big dreams. Creating, innovating, and experimenting every day.

  • Jo

    Founder, Product Lead

    Owns the platform vision. Building mobile products for millions of users since 1999. Global Telecom Business Innovation Award, Stevie Silver, APeX Award.  MD Pearson Learning Solutions. Director at Tata Interactive (TAS). Studied @IIT Delhi.



    Founder, Analytics Lead

    Owns data analytics & partnerships. Earlier, COO at Goldman Sachs (FICC), strategy at Barclays Capital, Booz & Co. Impact investing in MENA. Corp dev and venture incubation at Tata Industries (TAS). Studied @IIT Kanpur & London Business School.




  • Walk with us

    We're partnering with healthcare and pharma firms, insurance companies and mental health organisations who want to use the power of the mobile phone to create an early warning system for their constituents.


    We are hiring across the board, from data science and engineering to social media. Do let us know if you would like to be a part of our mission.


  • In the News

    We think we're doing something special. Luckily, others think so too.

    An AI chatbot to manage stress

    The Touchkin platform now powers Wysa, an AI chatbot that uses evidence-based techniques to help you build mental resilience. Deeply researched and gently funny, here's a great piece by Kylee McIntyre at Tech in Asia who took Wysa for a spin. If a majority of our users feel this way then we're good :)


    Read the full article here

    AI in Healthcare

    Touchkin is on the global health-tech map. This article talks about investors including Google Ventures, Khosla Ventures and Data Collective now backing a series of new AI-focused health startups. From health insurance selection to drug discovery, there’s huge potential for artificial intelligence algorithms to solve problems in the healthcare industry. Startups, big firms, and investors are tapping into these opportunities.


    Read more here

    Touchkin: A predictive healthcare platform to manage behavioural and emotional health

    For the first time, we can actually provide help proactively to people when they need it, rather than wait for when they ask for it. This has multiple applications: proactive healthcare by hospitals and doctors, patient and treatment support enabled by pharma, employee wellness for employers or insurers, or student and citizen support facilities provided by the government- Soumya Gupta


    Read the full article here

    These are the 6 new Indian startups that have just struck gold

    "We are excited to welcome these innovative startups to our first ever global accelerator programme and are looking forward to engaging with them on innovative solutions for the insurance industry ," Amit Kalra, Head of Strategic Initiatives, Swiss Re said- Saikat Pyne


    Read the full article here

    Zurich-based reinsurer Swiss Re selects 6 startups for its global InsurTech accelerator program

    This is a global fintech accelerator program conducted by Swiss Re. They have identified three technology themes for the program including Internet of things (home, industrial, health and motor), Systems of engagement (innovative distribution channels and models, digital assistants, robo-advisors) and Smart analytics (application of deep learning and machine learning across the insurance value chain)- Shivani Pandita


    Read the full article here

    Innovation in family care

    The StayClose app (from Touchkin) helps you to care for your loved ones. Whether you want to care for your kids studying or working abroad or for your ageing parents, with the help of StayClose app you can find out whether they are depressed or not- Sajna Chaturvedi


    Read the full article in Hindi in Dainik Bhaskar here

    Featuring Touchkin

    Touchkin founded by Jo Aggarwal and Ramakant Vempati is a Bangalore based healthcare technology startup that uses mobile-based social sensing to enable proactive personalised care – bringing help to those who need it, from care experts or families- Payal Sakhuja


    Read the full article here

    Care for your loved ones remotely with Touchkin’s StayClose app

    Touchkin is a predictive care platform that makes use of the sensors in the smart phone and data science to identify when a person may be in need of care- Crisanta Dias


    Read the full article here

    Monitor your family’s health with a phone

    StayClose uses smartphone sensors to identify when a person needs care and identifies potential health issues with the aid of a smartphone- Nikhil Varma


    Read the full article here

    For entrepreneurship, age is no bar

    Entrepreneur couple Jo Aggarwal and Ramakant Vempati, who founded Touchkin – a healthcare technology startup, both gave up global leadership roles at large MNCs, to become their own bosses - Sneha Banerjee


    Read the full article here

    Eureka moments

    “Facebook and Google know more about us only through the smartphone. There is so much data. Why can’t we use it for care?”- Jo Aggarwal


    Read the full article here

    Send Uber rides to loved ones

    "Not at home and your family member falls ill? Late for office and your son missed his school bus yet again? The StayClose app may put an end to all your day-to-day problems"-thestatesmen.com

    Read the full article here

    Two apps make a right

    "The idea is to care for others with whom one cannot be all the time, either in the same city or elsewhere, even across the world. Just a touch, just a tap, can tell the other person that a family member or friend cares."- Mala Bhargava


    Read the full article here

    3 Rising startups in India

    "Touchkin uses smartphone sensors to identify people needing care for possible health issues like depression"-Kyle McIntyre


    Read the full article here

    Mobile healthcare start-up Touchkin raises seed funding

    "Soon your phone will sense if you are depressed or ill, and proactively get you help. The sensor technology needed for this is already in your hands, and in two billion smartphones globally"-BS Reporter Chennai


    Read the full article here

    AI & Machine Learning to identify heath issues

    "The enterprise solution focuses on chronic illness and mental health to help care providers improve outcomes by letting them know which of their patients may need follow up" - ET Bureau


    Read the full article here

    Mobile healthcare startup Touchkin raises seed funding

    "The app focuses on chronic illness and mental health, to help care providers improve outcomes by letting them know which of their patients may need follow-up."-Shaik Zakeer Hussain


    Read the full article here

    Stay far off, yet StayClose

    "What if you could not only stay connected, but also be able to predict the medical needs of your close family even if you are physically far away. Touchkin made this possible with its app - StayClose." - Praveen Bose


    Read the full article here

    Proactive personalised care

    "Touchkin’s mobile app is used to virtually see family’s well-being and trigger alerts if their activity patterns indicate something is wrong"- Inc42 Team


    Read the full article here

    Predictive healthcare startup Touchkin raises seed funding

    "When a person is depressed, his/her phone is likely to show more time spent at home, unusually low activity and changes in communication and sleep pattern"-Vijayakumar Pitchiah


    Read the full article here

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