• AI for Proactive Care

    Those who need help are often the last to seek it.


    Our AI platform enables them to receive proactive, personalised behavioral health support from their phone, caregivers or coaches.


    We've partnered with leading healthcare organizations to integrate behavioral health into medical practice and improve patient outcomes.

    Wysa is on Messenger!

    Sometimes you just need a friendly ear, and a sounding board to talk through whatever is stressing you out.


    Your happiness buddy Wysa is now on FB Messenger. Try it out!

  • Our Products

    We think of Touchkin as the world's first 'emotionally intelligent' AI platform.

    It understands how you are doing from your phone's behavior and gets you support from a bot (Wysa) or a loved one (StayClose). A diabetes coach is coming soon, and we're only getting started. Watch this space!


    Had a tough day at work? Wysa, an emotionally intelligent chatbot, is there to listen, offering evidence-based techniques to elevate your mood.


    The way you use your phone says a lot about how you are. StayClose analyses this data to create a picture of your and your loved one's wellbeing.

  • Stats & Figures

    We're all about the data...so here are some numbers about our work.

  • 100m+

    Sensing events


    Behavior hours




    Positive feedback




    Team members

  • Team Touchkin

    We are a small team with big dreams. Creating, innovating, and experimenting every day.

    We love the intellectual challenge and emotional satisfaction of our work, and can't imagine doing anything else.

    The founding team of three has grown to fifteen and the journey has just begun.


  • Jo

    Founder, Product Lead

    Owns the platform vision. Building mobile products for millions of users since 1999. Global Telecom Business Innovation Award, Stevie Silver, APeX Award.  MD Pearson Learning Solutions. Director at Tata Interactive (TAS). Studied @IIT Delhi.



    Founder, Analytics Lead

    Owns data analytics & partnerships. Earlier, COO at Goldman Sachs (FICC), strategy at Barclays Capital, Booz & Co. Impact investing in MENA. Corp dev and venture incubation at Tata Industries (TAS). Studied @IIT Kanpur & London Business School.



    Founding Team, Technology Lead

    Founding team and Principal Engineer building the Touchkin platform. Full-stack developer, researcher & inventor. 


    Technology for rural health @Udaan. Studied Physics Honours @St.Xaviers


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